Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Reformation Day!

I love Reformation Day.  It's one of those few Holy Spirit days in the liturgical calendar - and frankly, it makes me happy when the color of the day is red.  I love the idea that the church is a living thing - growing, reforming, finding fresh new insights into how much God loves us.  I love that a scholar asking questions by posting them on the door for debate shook up the whole social fabric of his time.  And I love that Martin Luther rediscovered that just how amazing God's grace is.

So here's a little Reformation Day joy for you - courtesy of David Lose who had this video posted on his blog.  What's not to love - one of my favorite Bangles song, telling the story of Martin Luther.
Just think - I made my confirmation students watch the Luther Movie and we could have accomplished the same thing by watching this vid!

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