Thursday, February 14, 2013

Unexpected Gospel: Thoughts for Lent

So I'm doing my morning devotions and I mosey over to Busted Halo's Daily Lenten Calendar - to be confronted by the gospel according to Katy Perry.  OK - so it's not gospel per se, but it is a extremely good Lenten thought for meditation:

"I pray for humility, honestly, because it's very easy to get caught up in this world." - Katy Perry.

I preached this last night - more or less.  I talked about the fine line between doing things because we love God, and doing those same things to get an "attaboy" from the people around us.  About turning our faces to God and reflecting God's light and love to the world.

I don't think I was a clear as Ms. Katy.

And so I have to confess this morning, my gut reaction to seeing a devotional though and wanting to immediately dismiss it because of my own personal bias against her public image and her music.  Sorry Katy - I promise to take you and others whom I would dismiss because I don't like your opinion, or musical style, or fashion sense or whatever, much more seriously.

Because you know what - we all bear God's image, and from time to time each one of us delivers up bit of God's wisdom to the world.

And Lent is all about looking for God's presence even in the most unexpected places.

So today, I will pray for humility, and will pray that God will open my eyes in those places where I'm caught up in the world, so I can see God's presence.  Amen.

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